Top 10 Exclusive Reference Books for Feedback Control System

Hello everyone I hope that you all are doing good in your lives. Today we are going to go through the top 10 reference books for the feedback control system. As we know that control system in one of the most important topics in electronic and telecommunication engineering. However, for being good in any particular field the most fundamental requirement is perfect guidance. And thus to help you get that we are here with the top 10 available options.

Top 10 Reference books for Feedback Control System

#1 Automatic Control System

Author:- Kuo and Golnaraghi

Automatic control system 9th edition

In this book, the authors have covered all of the important aspects very gracefully. The complete syllabus is divided into 11 sub-chapters. You get to observe a great balance of explanations, real-life applications, and problems. However, this is one of the best books if you are new to the subject as it covers all of the important topics like Mathematical foundation, Block Diagram, Signal Flow Graphs and, etc.

Besides it also has Marginal notes available throughout the textbook highlighting important points. The textbook is under consistent modification so that it completely reflects the increasing demands of computer aids in the real world.

#2 Modern Control Engineering

Author:- Katsuhiko Ogata

Modern Control Engineering

This textbook provides a gradual increase in the theory with multiple solved problems for the preparations of exams. One of the key points is that the author has also included a number of MATLAB design problems with no complex mathematical terms or equations.

Key topics of the book are frequency response analysis, degree of a control system, root locus analysis, thermal system and etc. Thus it acts as a great book for real-world project preparation as it covers all of the required concepts in detail along with its simulations.

#3 Control System Engineering

Author:- I. Gopal J Nagrath and M. Gopal

Control-Systems Engineering

This book consists of multiple examples of factors like robot control, robot modeling, control system basics, and much more to maintain a balance among the engineering branches. Specifically, it consists of 12 chapters. Its updated version also covers the PID learning process, obsolete, and design simplifications.

There are mainly two categories in the textbook; one for the continuous-time domain and another for the discrete-time domain. The author highlights the ways to model the system in real life using hardware. This is book is great for understanding both categories as it has in-depth descriptions of their interrelations and differences.

#4 Control System Engineering

Author:- Norman S. Nise

This book offers a broad introduction to designing and the analysis problems for the modern world. The author prefers to cover the topic with a keener and physical outlook by providing more than 800 images, complex problems for practices, tables, charts, and etc. The availability of a variety of problems helps the reader to analyze themselves.

Besides the reader has also mentioned multiple case studies with detailed explanations focusing on computer aid technology, experiment demonstrations, the synopsis for understanding its practical applications more easily. This textbook is suitable for both students as well as project developers.

#5 Feedback Control of Dynamic System

Author:- Gene F. Franklin, David Powel, and Abbas Emami-Naeini

Dynamic Systems

This textbook is ideal for those who wish to practice multiple problems and maintain their expertise. It offers the reader a large variety of options to choose from besides, its readability is also quite easy making it suitable for preparation purposes. This book has a great blend of theory, simulations, graphs, applications, real-world problems, etc.

However, the authors have introduced new concepts like a case study of biological control providing a new reach, illustrations, historic view representing the origins of the topics, MATLAB simulation, and much more.

#6 Feedback and Control System

Author:- Joseph J. Distefano

Feedback and Control System

The textbook provides in-detail information about the feedback control system in both digital and analog systems. It is great for beginners as the author covers all of the mathematical expressions, theories step by step.

It has exercises attached at the end of every chapter to examine the understanding level. Besides, there are about 20+ video solutions available for the e-book version and about 700 solved problems for reference. It covers the engineering perspectives like Biocontrol system, Robotics, Biomedical, Mechanical, and Electrical.

#7 Multivariable Feedback Control

Author:- Sigrud Skogestand and Ian Postlethwaite

Multivariable Feedback Control system 2nd edition

This textbook provides an introduction to the multivariable feedback control system. However, this book focuses on practical data rather than theoretical context. The author has very gracefully covered both sides of the coin i.e. the applications along with its limitations.

It acts as an excellent resource for advanced undergraduate courses as it covers all of the key topics, for example, Linear equality matrixes, IMC tuning rules for PID, feedback amplifiers, self-optimizing control, etc. Along with examples, exercises, MATLAB simulations, and case studies.

#8 Control System

Author:- A. Anand Kumar

Control System 2nd edition

The textbook is best for beginners and self-studies. As it covers all of the fundamental concepts in a very reader-friendly format. The author has divided all of the concepts of a continuous-time control system into 11 subchapters. Covering Mathematical modeling of the control system, Nyquist plot, Block diagram, signal flow, Time response analysis, and much more

The book is suitable for undergraduate level preparation as it has a large variety of Short questions, fill-in blanks, problem questions, MATLAB simulations at the end of every chapter. It covers the engineering perspectives like Instrumental, Mechanical, Biomedical, Electronics and communications, and Electrical.

#9 Problem and Solution of Control Systems: with essential theory

Author:- Jairath A. K

Problem and Solution of feedback Control System

This book mostly consists of a set of solved problems with essential theory only. The objective of the author behind the book was to create a textbook with all of the necessary examples, starting from the basics problems and then easily moving towards the intricate ones.

However, this textbook contains all 12 sub-topics covering fundamentals like time domain, frequency responses, state-space analysis, signal flow graphs, etc. The author has covered the Nyquist plot and bode plot in two separate chapters for better understanding. Besides, one of the most key features of this book is that the author has provided multiple ways to solve a particular problem which gives the reader an option to choose from.

#10 Automatic Control System

Author:- Farid Golnaraghi

Automatic control system 10th edition

This is textbook is a complete toolkit for understanding, evaluating, and simulation automatic control systems. The author has preferred to include multiple innovative virtual labs than faux physical systems. It consists of two types of labs one SIMLabs and another LEGOLabs.

Its updated version has increased the number of solved problems, a Full set of online power points, 10 appendices for control labs, difference equations, and mathematical foundations, a valuable introduction to control labs, and much more. This book is suitable for any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course.


However here we are at the end of the blog. I hope that you like the content and have got an idea about which book to refer to. However, I would like to mention that these are the books that I like the most they may differ from person to person. Besides if you would like to give any suggestions about the books that must be added to the list then please let us know. Also, feel free to reach if there’s any doubt we would be glad to answer them.


Have a nice day 🙂

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