Privacy Policy

Your Privacy is censorious to us!

These privacy policies are applicable to Edifythefacts

We esteem your privacy and are committed to ensuring the safety of the data that you provide us through the Website. These privacy policies are only applicable to the data collected online i.e. through this website with the consent of the visitor to edifythefacts. However, these policies do not apply if the data collected is from some source or medium other than the website itself.

What Personal Information do we collect?

While commenting as appropriate you would be asked to enter;

  • Email Address.
  • Your First and Last Name.
  • Website Name.
  • Internet Protocol.
  • and lastly Viewer actions.

How do we use your information’s ?

We may use the information’s for

  • For providing you better user experience.
  • Sending you periodic emails regarding the uploads.
  • to contact you back regarding the comment if required.
  • for analyzing the type of data in which you are most interested and thus providing you with a mesmerizing experience.
  • getting a rough idea about the traffic through google analytics or console (IP addresses).

How do we protect your information’s ?

Your personal information is contained behind in a safe zone, which is not accessible by the other visitors or any third party. However, if we do approve your comment your Name and the comment which you have mentioned can be made visible. But only if it’s appropriate and does not violets anyone’s privacy.

Do keep this in your mind!

We will not share, lease or allow any other party to view your data unless you ask for it or it is a compulsion by law. And we do never ask for your personal details such as contact number, address, or any bank details so if it appears anyhow on the website kindly do not respond.


By viewing our site we do assume that you have gone through the privacy policy and disclaimer and have no issues with it.

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If you do have any kind of queries regarding our policies then please do contact us.