About Me

Excellence is always in Details

The sentence mention above is not only a quote or a saying for us but it’s the basic pile on which our website is built.

Want to know more about me

Hey, there this is Lucky Singh on this side the founder and the content creator of this website. I am a student in electronics and telecommunication engineering. The website is all on my own. I reside in Mumbai along with my family.

What we mainly discuss over?

Our website is all about the branch Electronics and telecommunication; Here we discuss every little bit related to it. We try our best to provide you all with the best data possible by doing tons of researches. Here you will be able to get every information from the very origin to get all your concepts clear and have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the topics. so that it won’t be any issues in further understanding and in practices; However our website is only for educational purpose and is not reliable of any of the practical implementations.

Reasons to get into blogging?

You all might be wondering that why I choose to start writing blogs? it was about three and a half months back in February 2021 when I started my journey. From the initial stages, I was a lot into writing and guiding others about the technicals regarding our niche, because I believe that it helps in providing more value to the core of our branch. Thus I decided to start writing and provide the most of my knowledge to others. And create a better space together.

Reason to choose the particular niche?

The reason why I choose to write on electronics and telecommunication was being a student of this branch it is the most relatable genre to me, in which I can easily understand the topic which is needed, their uses, importance, sub-topics that must be covered. and one of the many other reasons was this; that there are not many individual bloggers writing on this niche.

If any of you else wants to try or start blogging then feel free to contact me if want.