5 Astounding Mini Project Ideas- For ECE Students

Hello Everyone, I hope that you all are doing good in your lives. The topic for today’s discussion is related to ideas for a mini-project. We will be discussing 5 available options for mini-project that you can choose from. The options that we have mentioned below will be containing a few of the programming-based projects as well; this will help in a better demonstration of your hardware as well as programmatical skills.

So lets, jump into the technicalities without wasting any further time.

Mini Project Ideas

#1 Autmatic smoke detector

Whenever there’s a fire at any public or private property such as homes or offices, the premises get filled with smoke; and as the intensity of fire increases the thickness of the smoke also grows. Due to this growth the visibility decrease and it becomes difficult to look through.

Keeping this in mind we can easily create a compact smoke detector at a very low cost. The circuitry simply requires few pairs of an infrared sensor. These sensors constantly monitor the area in which it is installed. As discuss above whenever there’s a fire at a place the smoke develops and once it reaches the sensor it obstructs the path of infrared rays. This, in turn, activates the buzzer and can help the residential for getting an alert.

The principle behind the sensor is certainly based on the opaqueness of the permisses. What usually happens is, when there’s no smoke in the area the sensors can easily communicate with each other through the rays but this connection gets disturb due to the smoke in the path. This disturbance leads to activating the buzzer. one can also connect a LED to the system.

mini project smoke detector

#2 Smart Dustbin

These days the chances of getting an infection are increasing with a continuous rise in pollution and the spread of the virus. Thus to protect ourselves we need to upgrade our lifestyle one of the most helpful ways is by using a smart dustbin. As the name suggests it is smart or in other words we can say that it is automated. This project also engages the young ones in keeping their surroundings clean.

Arduino UNO and Ultrasonic sensors are the two most important components of this project. The basic principle behind this application is that, whenever an object or say a person appears in front of the ultrasonic sensor the dustbin opens itself and automatically closes down once the object is toss into it. An ultrasonic sensor is a device that measures the distance between the two objects by the means of ultrasonic waves. So whenever a person appears in front of the sensor, the rays send by it get to reflect back and activates the sensor. This senor, battery, and servo motor all are connected to the Arduino. Which basically syncs all of the components and consists of the main code. mini project smart dustbin

#3 Automatic Door Handel Sanitization

In the current scenario, we need to take extra precautions fr ourselves to be safe. As we know that there have been many steps that have been taken by the authorities for our safety. But we need to make efforts from our side as well. Thus we can develop a door handle sanitization project for the betterment.

The circuitry and the components require for the project are very simple and can be obtain at a low cost. It requires a Microcontroller (Arduino UNO or Arduino nano), senor (IF sensor), servo motor, and pair of batteries. The working principle behind this is; whenever the person touches the handle it activates the sensor which in turn leads to the rotation of the servo motor and releases the sanitizer from the spray once the handle is released.

You can also avoid using a sensor by setting a trimer.

#4 Motion Detector for disable people

Few of the people on this planet are not fortunate enough to have a healthy lifestyle. Thus we can at least try being helpful to them. So for this, we can develop a system that detects the motion of the paralyze or disable person and transmit the signal to the nurse or the authority present there. The reason for this project is to ease their level of difficulties because these people are not capable of conveying their message directly or by using the switches available.

The system comprises of two parts one is a transmitter and another is a receiver. The transmitter is attach to that fingers or the part of their body that is movable. And the receiver is place near the nurse. So whenever there is a motion the transmitter detects it and transmits it to the receiver, the receiver is in connection to the LED which displays a message.

The transmitter circuitry consists of the accelerometer. It is a device that transmits signals on the basis of the force of acceleration. This is in connection with the atmega family microcontroller (The purpose of the controller is to transmit the signal to the receiver.)

The receiver circuitry consists of an 8051 microcontroller that decodes the message signal and displays it on the LED (The message on the screen depends on the angle and direction of the movement done by the patient). We can also attach a buzzer to the receiver circuit.

#5 The Third Eye

This is one of the other projects that can be very helpful for blind people. As we know that the other senses (such as touch, hear) of a blind person are quite high. We can use this particular concept for preparing a gadget that can help them to identify the obstacles.

The gadget basically consists of gloves which are mainly in connection with an ultraviolet sensor and an Atmega microcontroller. The ultrasonic sensor works consists of two parts receiver and a transmitter whenever the distance between the sensor and the obstacle increases the intensity of both vibration and audio signal increases. This change is transfer to the 328 microcontrollers. Which in turn activates the buzzer, LED, and the vibration motor.


However here we are at the end of the blog. I hope that you got few ideas for your mini-project. These projects are design by keeping the current situation in mind. You can change them according to your preference by adding or replacing few components. This mini-project including coding the Arduino so if all are not familiar with the coding part then you can easily get it online. Besides if there’s any doubt regarding the topics then please them down below.

Have a nice day 🙂


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